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Custom Security Cages


Security cages are supplied complete with all fixings and layout drawings for easy self assembly. Alternatively we will deliver to site and install using our own team of fitters. Custom built Security enclosures are our specialty. Space is at a premium and it important to utilise it to its best potential. With this in mind we design to accommodate awkward pipework, ventilation ducts or unusual building features. In particular as computer equipment and servers are becoming more powerful and reducing in size, it has left them more vulnerable to tampering and theft. This has made many insurance companies insist that hardware is now more securely protected. The extra physical barrier that a security cage provides will delay even the most determined intruder. Our specially constructed panels banish the need for extra climate control due to their high open area. This allows the equipment to continue to work within its optimum operating environment ensuring that the performance and the equipment life is maximised. Good visibility into or from the enclosure gives extra security and is a bonus when working inside. The panels will not obstruct light or fire suppression equipment. All FMM security cages are built at our premises. This allows for easy self assembly permitting fast and clean construction on site leaving the area clear in a minimum of time

Custom Calculations

Cage with roof
Cage without roof
Security Partition
Length (m)
Width (m)
Height (m)
Extra door
Double door
Digi lock

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