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Custom Security Cage

FMM Security Cages are made from all steel construction with a welded tubular frame, heavy gauge expanded metal panel infils and an anti tamper security bolting system. Doors are complete with British Standard locks closing to full length 6mm slam plates and incorporating high security stainless steel hinge sets or sliding tracks if preferred.  The modular design allows for ease of expansion at a later date if required or the removal and reassembly at a different location. An aesthetically pleasing powder coated cage in the colour of your choice will fit into existing rooms unobtrusively or can be galvanised for factory or outdoor use. FMM security enclosures can be installed into your existing rooms quickly and with little disruption. They are very cost effective and are suitable for use in many environments including offices, computer rooms and factories.

Framework/Construction: Heavy duty 40mm hollow square tube frame work. Modular predrilled framework based on 1.22m wide panels. All cutouts for obstructions (such as pipework and ducting) framed during manufacture. On longer or unsupported runs 100mm box section strengthening posts are used to ensure rigidity.

Infill: Either expanded 204f (more secure) or 1 x 1 x 10g (3mm) (more suitable to high pedestrian areas) all welded construction.

Locks and hinges: Stainless steel hinges, Brisant "Ultion" cylinder TS007 3 star rated secure "Diamond" attack tested, combined with the new Adams Rite Sentinel 6 lockcase for the ultimate security. Plates can be welded onto the door during manufacture if a Maglock is required. We also have a range of Digilocks available (less secure).

Doors: 6mm thick slam plate covering lock mechanism. Laser cut barrel acceptance hole. Lock and barrel fixed within framework. As standard doors are1.2m wide and  hinged. Double doors 2.4m wide, larger doors and sliding doors are also available.

Assembly: Panels bolted together using m8 coach bolts, nuts within framework on secure side of cage. Bolted to concrete floor using 10mm expanding through bolts. All installers have CSCS certificates.

We can supply our cages in any British standard colour.

Popular choices are goose wing grey, Black and Graphite grey

If the cage is external we supply the cage is Hot dip galvanized, It it is not possible to supply galvanized then powder coated due to the nature of hot dip galvanising on mesh.

Our Installation is carried out only by our team of experienced fitters who all carry CSCS cards and forklift licenses.

We can work around objects in situe such as servers or pallet racking. As all the panels are made off site the panels bolt together without any need for cutting. This means that very little mess is created.

Power will be required to drill and tap the hinges, bolt down the cage then cut an acceptance hole for the lock.

Method statements and risk assessments are available.

110V power supply is used. All our power tools are regularly PAT tested.

We can carry out a site survey before manufacture, this is charged at £450.00.

This is not normally necessary; a couple of photos and a few measurements is all we require to manufacture.

Installation Process.

  1. Bring in Panels and unpack.
  2. Check layout drawings and assign anels to positions
  3. Fit bars or mesh under floor tiles if required (Normally in datacenters)
  4. Bolt together panels and fit mesh roof. (Bolts are within framework)
  5. Hang door (drill and tap hinges and cut acceptance hole for lock)
  6. Bolt down cage
  7. Check for snags
  8. Tidy up
Security cage Server enclosure Server cage Valuable stock store
Colocation cage in data centre Security Room Compound Computer room
Bonded store Quarantine Restricted area Gas bottle cage


What is the shape of the cage 4sided 3sided?

What are the dimensions

What is the height (take several measurements.)

Is there a roof

Is the Ground flat or sloped

skirting boards or curbs? if so what size?

Is there any pipe work where cage fixes to wall

Is there any pipework where roof hits

What kind of wall (plasterboard, Concrete)

What kind of roof   for fixing

What kind of floor for fixing

Is there any hanging lights, will anything interfere with lights and roof.

Where does the door go?

Single/double/sliding door?

Will anything interfere with full opening of door?

Threshold on door (Yes/No)

What kind of mesh inill. Expanded or Welded

Galv or powder coated, what colour.

Underflooring or Roof area.

Does it require a profiled roof

If roof is required check max height for slope and fall. If we use slanted panels.

Site Contact Name and number?



Security Cage



            Section                                           Heading                                        Page

                 1)                                                 Purpose                                             2

                 2)                                                 Scope                                                2

                 3)                                                 Procedure                                         2

                 4)                                                 Safety                                               3

                 5)                                                 Responsibilities                               3

                 6)                                                 Risk Assessment                             3


            Ref                 Prepared by                Date                Checked by         Date


                                    A. Beard                     Date:                                      


1.0       Purpose

To provide and install a security cage .

2.0       Scope

  1. (a)Unloading and positioning of cage sections.
  2. (b)Erecting of cage.
  3. (c)Clearing of work area

3.0       Procedures

  1. a)Ensure that it is safe and permissible to work with the Site Foreman or authorised agent.
  2. b)On arriving at Site, logistics will escort to installation location.
  3. c)Request Security to isolate the aspirating and fixed head smoke detection systems for the duration of the works when working within the room if applicable.
  4. d)Display, as appropriate, warning signs of ‘men working’ and ‘floor tiles lifted’.
  5. e)Refer to customers order and instructions.
  6. f)The delivery lorry is to operate on site in accordance with customers site procedures and using a banksman for all reversing operations.
  7. g)The pre-manufactured sections of cage are to be offloaded and placed within a designated clear area within the room.
  8. h)The cage sections are to be positioned, bolted together and fixed to the building structure.
  9. i)The door is to be fitted and a 6-pin insurance approved euro cylinder lock or other as approved by customer.
  10. j)It is preferred that a 3mm thick door track be fitted for alignment of the sliding door, however this can be omitted if felt necessary.
  11. k)Check alignment of the door and cage sections and the rigidity of the whole structure.
  12. l)Make good any defects .
  13. m)A vacuum cleaner is to be used in conjunction with any drilling of the building structure to prevent spread of dust.
  14. n)Any plant and tools required shall be checked prior to use to ensure that all equipment is of a safe standard.
  15. o)On completion of the works the area shall be left clean and tidy, and all redundant materials removed from site.
  16. p)Inform the Site Foreman or authorised person that the work is complete.

4.0       Safety

                All works are to be carried out in accordance with all applicable Regulations and site rules, the Health and Safety at Work act and any other regulations applicable.                                 

5.0       Responsibilities

The persons responsible for implementing the procedures shall be a suitably qualified tradesman designated by Fine Mesh Metals.

6.0       Risk Assessment

a)         Falling through open tiled floor area: Reduce risk by placing safety barriers and notices around affected area.     

  1. c)Tripping: Reduce the risk by keeping all trailing leads to a minimum, tape down to floor any excessive trailing leads. Always keep area clean and tidy.
  1. d)Manual Handling: Use protective boots, gloves and carry out work in accordance with Fine Mesh Metals standard ‘Manual handling’ method statement
  1. e)Falling from height: Steps may be required for some of this work, if the need arises then these shall be used in accordance with the Fine Mesh Metals ‘working at height’ standard method statement.
  1. f)Always use appropriate PPE for the task undertaken.



SITE                       ………………………………….


DATE     …..………………………………………………………………………


SIGNED ON BEHALF OF FMM        …………………………………………………………..


Security cages are supplied complete with all fixings and layout drawings for easy self assembly. Alternatively we will deliver to site and install using our own team of fitters. Custom built Security enclosures are our specialty. Space is at a premium and it important to utilise it to its best potential. With this in mind we design to accommodate awkward pipework, ventilation ducts or unusual building features. In particular as computer equipment and servers are becoming more powerful and reducing in size, it has left them more vulnerable to tampering and theft. This has made many insurance companies insist that hardware is now more securely protected. The extra physical barrier that a security cage provides will delay even the most determined intruder. Our specially constructed panels banish the need for extra climate control due to their high open area. This allows the equipment to continue to work within its optimum operating environment ensuring that the performance and the equipment life is maximised. Good visibility into or from the enclosure gives extra security and is a bonus when working inside. The panels will not obstruct light or fire suppression equipment. All FMM security cages are built at our premises. This allows for easy self assembly permitting fast and clean construction on site leaving the area clear in a minimum of time

Custom Calculations

Cage with roof
Cage without roof
Security Partition
Length (m)
Width (m)
Height (m)
Extra door
Double door
Digi lock

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